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The STEM+Computing Partnership (STEM+C) program seeks to advance multidisciplinary integration of computing in STEM teaching and learning through applied research and development across one or more domains. This project addresses the challenge of how to prepare undergraduate elementary preservice science teachers to learn methods involved in computational thinking (CT) in order to support integration of CT into their elementary STEM instruction. Such early integration of CT in STEM learning will provide the foundation that young children need in computational thinking when their interests and competencies are being formed. Additionally, early integration of CT in STEM may increase the number and diversity of students interested in enrolling in high school computer science courses (and thus in computer science careers). The first step is to improve the preparation that elementary teachers receive about CT to increase both the quantity and quality of exposure for elementary-aged children.

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Project Contributions

Professional Knowledge Building within an Elementary Teacher Professional Development Experience on Computational Thinking in Science Education
"We investigated teacher learning within a professional development (PD) workshop series on computational thinking (CT) for elementary-level mentor teachers. The purpose of the PD was to prepare mentor teachers to…