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Coding for Educators
This project is funded by the STEM+Computing Partnership (STEM+C) program, which seeks to advance new approaches to, and evidence-based understanding of, the integration of computing in STEM teaching and learning and broadening participation in computing and computing-intensive fields. This project will contribute to that effort by integrating computer science and computational thinking with science and mathematics coursework in a teacher preparation program for elementary and middle school teachers of science and mathematics. This curriculum integration will be accomplished through two initiatives: 1) incorporating computing and computational thinking into mathematics and science courses for pre-service elementary and middle grades teachers; and 2) developing two new courses required for teacher licensure: An introductory computer science course that will focus on using a variety of technologies combined with computational thinking and coding to teach science and mathematics concepts, and a capstone course where students will develop a project using computational thinking concepts concepts from previous courses.

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Project Contributions

Enhancing Future K-8 Teachers' Computational Thinking Skills through Modeling and Simulations
"It is now required for teachers to incorporate computational thinking (CT) into their science classes. Our research modifies the existing structure of a science methods course for preservice teachers to…