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Promoting Excellence in Arizona Middle School Mathematics
The Math and Science Partnership (MSP) project Promoting Excellence in Arizona Middle School Mathematics: Increasing Student Achievement through Systemic Instructional Change involves 10 Core Partners: Scottsdale Community College (as the lead), Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Glendale Community College, and the Deer Valley, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Chandler, Florence, J.O. Combs school districts, as well as Salt River Pima-Maricopa Community Schools. Supporting partners are: Arizona State University, Maricopa County Community College District, and the Glendale, Mesa, and Peoria school districts. This MSP Targeted project supports teachers in advancing their knowledge about the teaching and learning of middle school mathematics, as well as developmental mathematics in community colleges.

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Project Contributions

AMP: Professional development for improving middle school teacher and student problem-solving skills
"This article provides grounded insights about professional development experiences that promote teachers' and students' growth of productive problem-solving behaviors. Artifacts and use of teacher-generated products provide evidence of teacher growth…
The Locker Problem: An Open and Shut Case
"In this article, we discuss how we use teaching via problem solving to help us enact the Teaching Practices and support our students' learning and development of the Standards for…
Inspiring Our Youngest Mathematicians
This video will focus on how we inspire our youngest mathematicians through our AMP Camp (Arizona Mathematics Partnership).…
AMPing Up the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in the Middle Grades
The Arizona Mathematics Partnership (AMP) project is focused on professional development with middle school math teachers, led by community college faculty in the Maricopa Community College District. Through our work…
The New Type of PLC - a CCOL
"There are many different professional development models that are currently referred to as professional learning communities. Initiating our project we knew that many of the teachers we would be working…
Learning Theory-Driven Professional Development - Stories from Two MSP Projects
"Learning Theory-Driven Professional Development (LTDPD) empowers teachers to engage students in learning experiences derived from research about how students learn. Two MSP projects are implementing forms of LTDPD. The Arizona…
AZ Math Partnership hosts Summer Math Camp for Middle School Students
View highlights from AMP's first Summer Math Camp for Middle School Students, hosted in June of 2014. AMP Camp from AZ Mathematics Partnership on Vimeo . See related news article
Teaching Straight F's: The F's of Managing the CCSS Mathematical Practices
"As mathematics educators, one of our primary jobs is to insure that as many of our students as possible learn, grow, and find success in mathematics. In order for that…
Math Teachers Prepare For Common Core Standards
Article from Raising Arizona Kids that features the Arizona Mathematics Partnership.
"Mathematics is a lens through which we can see and better understand the world. Yet, too often, teachers and textbooks fail to help students connect the mathematics they are learning…
AMP Promotional Video
Posted by: John Fitzpatrick . Work being done by the Arizona Mathematics Partnership.