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Asamoah Nkwanta


    • Roles: PI
    • Access: Project Admin, Project Contact


  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Researcher 


Professional Preparation
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina Central University, B.S., July 1981
Graduate Institutions: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, M.S., December 1984
Howard University, Enumerative Combinatorics, Ph.D., August 1997

2004 - Present, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Morgan State U.
1997 - 2004, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Morgan State U.
1995 - 1997, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Howard University, Wash., DC.
1995 - 1995, Part-time Lecturer, Bowie State University, Bowie, MD.
1990 - 1995, HBCU Fellow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA.
1988 - 1990, Member of Technical Staff, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA.
1988 - 1990, Part-time Instructor, Compton College, Compton, CA.
1983 - 1988, Member of Technical Staff, Logicon Inc., San Pedro, CA. 


Research Interest: I'm currently working on RNA sequence prediction. In this particular research we want to use certain random walks as a way to code and decode strands or RNA that would be essential for the identification of specific molecules related to infectious diseases like malaria, HIV, and yellow fever. Analyzing RNA sequences of molecules related to infectious diseases from a walk perspective may give epidemiologist and molecular biologist a way to predict expression of these molecules. I'm also working on other problems and applications that arise in lattice walk counting and RNA sequence prediction and design. These include questions concerning biological applications of RNA/DNA repeat sequences. I'm also working on a mathematical model for the control of the transmission of genetic diseases using pure fractions. This project involves the theory of numbers and genetics. In reference to the Riordan group, I'm studying the algebraic properties as oppose to the combinatorial applications of the group. 


Most Recent Publications:
1. A. Nkwanta, Riordan matrices and higher-dimensional lattice walks, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 140 (2010) 2321-2334.
2. R. Ellington, J. Wachira, and A. Nkwanta, RNA secondary structure prediction by using discrete mathematics: An interdisciplinary research experience for undergraduate students, Cell Biol. Educ. 9 (2010) 348-356.
3. A. Nkwanta, D. Hill, A. Swamy, and K. Peters, Counting RNA patterns in the classroom: A link between molecular biology and enumerative combinatorics, DIMACS Book Series: Linking Math and Biology in High School, Editors Fred Roberts and Midge Cozzens, Forthcoming (2011).
4. A. Nkwanta and W. Ndifon, Contact waiting-time and the folding rates of RNA sequences, FEBS Letters, 583 (2009) 2392-2394
5. A. Nkwanta, Lattice paths, Riordan matrices and RNA numbers, Congressus Numerantium 189 (2008) 205-216.